High blood pressure during pregnancy | Lupus | Bronchitis and pneumonia | Salt balance | Burning mouth syndrome

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

A woman with her hands in the shape of a heart over her pregnant belly.

When you’re pregnant, developing high blood pressure can be serious. Learn about the most serious consequences: preeclampsia and eclampsia. (From NIH’s NICHD)

Understanding Lupus

A young woman consulting with a nurse.

Lupus is a disorder of the immune system that can affect many parts of the body. Some people get a red butterfly-shaped rash across their nose and cheeks. (From NIH’s NIAMS)

Know the Symptoms of Bronchitis and Pneumonia

A sick man looking at a thermometer.

A deep cough from your chest may signal bronchitis or pneumonia. Do you know when to ask a doctor for help? (From NIH News in Health)

How the Body Regulates Salt Levels

Sea salt spilling out of a shaker.

New research shows how the body maintains a balance of salt and water. (From NIH Research Matters

Tips to Relieve Burning Mouth Syndrome

A closeup of a woman applying ice to her mouth.

Check out these helpful tips for relieving burning mouth syndrome, a painful condition that can last for months. The pain can be burning, scalding, or tingling. (From NIH’s NIDCR)