PSAW Tip of the Day: Partnering with your Patients

As an MHS patient safety champion on the frontlines, there are a number of ways that you can take an active role in engaging and empowering your patients to be your partners in their health care.

Access the DoD PSP Patient Activation Reference Guide and learn skills and techniques to encourage and enable patients to assume greater control and responsibility of their health and health care:

For Patients: Review the National Patient Safety Foundation’s Universal Patient Compact:

For Providers: PSAW is the perfect time to participate in the DoD Patient Safety Culture Survey and make sure that you speak up for your patients and your team! Help us spread the word and learn more about the Culture Survey here:

Want to bolster your patient safety skillset? Test your patient safety IQ with a new question daily at (

Do you work in an MTF? Tell us what you’re doing for PSAW via or Facebook: