NLS BARD Support: BARD Mobile Android version 2.1.0 release

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BARD Mobile Android version 2.1.0 release

NLS has released BARD Mobile Android version 2.1.0, introducing enhanced features and improvements.

Added app search functionality

  • A fully supported in-app search function, including Music Collection search, for a more seamless experience. 

Spanish translation

  • The app can now be set so its text and audio are in Spanish. To switch to Spanish, select it as the default language in your device settings. The app's visual and TalkBack interface will adjust to Spanish. 

International language search option

  • Explore the new international language search option by choosing up to four languages in the app's settings. Filter search results by selecting your preferred language.

Navigate to: App’s Settings > User Account Settings > Language Preferences > Select up to four languages.

When accessing Get Books – Search, you will have up to four languages based on your settings. Default languages are English and Spanish if no changes are made. 

Compatibility and User Guide update

  • The app supports Android OS versions 9–14.
  • Please note that the User Guide is being updated and will be added later. 

BARD Mobile users can confirm that they are running the latest version by checking the bottom of the app’s Settings screen.