NLS BARD Support: Recruitment Notice for BARD 2.0 Beta Testers

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Recruitment Notice for BARD 2.0 Beta Testers


For the past few years, NLS has been upgrading the BARD website in order to provide a better and more optimized experience. Development of the site is nearly complete and we are excited to have patrons beta test the new site. We are currently seeking interested patrons to assist in beta testing the new site. In order to ensure that we have addressed the needs of a variety of visual acuities, it is important that we have a diverse group of low-vision testers who have varying requirements in visual elements such as font size, color contrasts, presentation of graphics, and line spacing. If you consider yourself as a person with low vision, please indicate this when you write to say you would like to beta test the new BARD web site.

In order to participate, you must meet the following criteria:

* You must be an active patron of NLS; (if you want to participate and are not an active patron or do not have a BARD account, please contact your local network library)

* You must agree to access BARD on the web at least 3 times per week; (this might include checking the recently added books, looking for a specific title, reading a book, accessing and manipulating your wish list, ETC.)

* You must be willing and will be expected to provide your honest feedback about the new system. Feedback may be requested through surveys, participation in focus groups, writing us with your impressions, ETC.

For this round of testing, we are seeking two to three hundred users. If you are interested in participating, please send an email with the following information to

* Name:

* Current BARD email address:

* Agree to be on a discussion listserv for the NLS BARD 2.0 beta.

For the first registration period, we will only accept registrants for 48 hours after the email has been posted. We will ask for a second round of testers later in the Summer. So, if you do not get in on this round, please apply again when the next round is announced. Thank you for your interest.