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June 2, 2023
Issue 301

Copyright Royalty Judges Issue Redacted Initial Determination in Phonorecords III Remand Proceeding

The Copyright Royalty Judges issued a redacted (public) version of their Initial Determination After Remand of royalty rates and terms for the compulsory license for the use of musical works in the making and distributing of phonorecords (Phonorecords III Remand).  The initial determination is subject to statutory review by the Register of Copyrights.  Publication of a final determination will occur in due course after consideration of any motions for rehearing, the Register of Copyrights completes her review, and the Librarian of Congress approves publication of the final determination. 

Upon publication of a Final Determination, and in the absence of changes arising from any motion for rehearing that might be filed by a party, these rates and terms will be applicable to the prior period of January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2022.

The redacted Initial Determination After Remand is available for viewing in eCRB.




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