NLS BARD Support: BARD Mobile for iOS Update

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BARD Mobile for iOS Update

BARD Mobile for iOS, version 2.1, will be released over the next 10 days. This release builds on last fall’s version 2.0 with improvements to search and browse functionality.  Searching and browsing will continue to improve with future releases.

Version 2.1 includes:

  • New Search options that allow patrons to select Spanish-language content or “all” language content in each inquiry. By default, the language is set to English content only unless directed.
  • New Search Music options to supplement the existing Search options. By default, Search Music options exclude any language processing. Version 2.1 allows for a more intuitive music search experience. Music collections will continue to be included within the general Search as well.
  • Full access to the longer book annotations available in the More Info, Details menus.
  • Various bug fixes, including an issue with the sleep timer volume spiking, and an issue with user id and password fields not being editable while using VoiceOver.

BARD Mobile users can confirm that they are running version 2.1 by checking the bottom of the app’s Settings screen.