Legal Research Reports: Investment Migration Programs of Visa Waiver Program Countries

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Investment Migration Programs of Visa Waiver Program Countries

The Law Library of Congress is proud to resent the report, Investment Migration Programs of Visa Waiver Program Countries

This report shows those countries that participate in the United States visa waiver program, and whether or not they have an investment migration program. Such programs enable applicants who make investments in the country to obtain either a visa to reside in the country or, more rarely, citizenship. The Law Library found that 28 of the 40 jurisdictions that participate in the visa waiver program offer such investment migration programs. In addition, the United Kingdom operated an investor visa program that was recently closed to new applicants. Most of the programs specify the minimum amount and types of investment that must be made in order to qualify. One jurisdiction, Austria, both offers an investor visa program and provides for immediate “citizenship-by-investment.” Malta also has a program that specifically enables citizenship to be granted to investors but requires residence for a period that varies depending on the level of investment. In addition, two countries, Slovakia and Slovenia, allow investor visa holders with significant investments to obtain citizenship in a shorter period than is otherwise required. The majority of the other jurisdictions with investor visa programs provide a pathway to citizenship if a minimum period of residence and other conditions for naturalization, such as permanent residence status, are met. (March 2022)