Copyright Royalty Board News, Issue 283

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January 19, 2022
Issue 283

Librarian of Congress Reappoints Judge David R. Strickler to Copyright Royalty Board

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden reappointed Judge David R. Strickler as Copyright Royalty Judge (economics) to a six-year term. Judge Strickler has served in the position since May 2013, when then-Librarian James H. Billington appointed him to fill a vacancy and complete the term of his predecessor. In 2016, Hayden reappointed Judge Strickler to a six-year term. 




February 4, 2022: Petitions to participate and accompanying $150 filing fee due for proceeding to determine royalty rates and terms for making ephemeral copies of sound recordings for transmission to business establishments (Business Establishments IV). (87 FR 490).