Notifications Enhancements for November 2021

You are subscribed to Notifications from the Library of Congress. Enhancements for November 2021

We are pleased to bring you the enhancements for November of 2021. 

Enhancement – Committee Schedule – Add to My Calendar

  • Use the Add to My Calendar link from a meeting announcement page to download the meeting details to your personal calendar.
  • The calendar event includes the meeting title, date, time and location.
  • A link to the meeting announcement page on also is included so you can check for updates to the meeting details or the addition of supporting documentation.

Enhancement – Legislation – New Filter

  • Legislation search results include a Legislation Date Range filter to limit your results to one or more ranges of years – 1973-2022, 1951-1972, 1799-1873.
  • Historical legislation prior to 1973 is less complete. See About Legislation for more information.

Enhancement – Congressional Record – Bound Edition