News from the John W. Kluge Center: Starting NOW: Live Pillars of Democracy Event

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Starting NOW: Live Pillars of Democracy Event

Our Pillars of Democracy event on the federal judiciary is about to begin, at 4pm. Click here to start watching.

In this event, American Enterprise Institute scholar Adam White, Harvard Professor Randall Kennedy, and Boston College Professor Cathleen Kaveny will participate in a panel discussion, moderated by Russell Wheeler of the Brookings Institution, on the causes of changing attitudes towards the federal judiciary, as well as the ways that the third branch of government can win Americans’ trust back.

Read our blog post on the issues facing the judiciary to get some background on the issues that will be discussed.

With Pillars of Democracy, the Kluge Center, in partnership with the Brookings Institution and the American Enterprise Institute, brings scholars together to examine the bedrock institutions of American life and to try to understand how those institutions have lost the respect and confidence of the American people.