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STARTING TODAY! Help us reach our goal in our Herencia Review Challenge

To celebrate Herencia's first anniversary, our second review challenge starts today! Join us in reviewing our Laws & Statutes: Crime and Law Enforcement collection on the By the People website. 

Review is a crucial final step to bringing transcriptions back to the Library’s main website,, and making images of original documents more discoverable. Transcriptions also help to make these documents more accessible to those with cognitive and sight disabilities, who use screen readers. That is why we need help from our volunteers to finish the review process of this project. Anyone can take part—just register for an account to start reviewing.

We created the "How to Review Herencia: A Bilingual Guide" for our blog where volunteers can watch an informational video narrated by program specialist, Geraldine Davila Gonzalez. The blog post also includes instructions on how to review Herencia in Spanish. 

For more updates on the Herencia Review Challenge, please visit our Twitter and HistoryHub pages. 

This Wednesday, March 17, starting at 2:00PM EDT, we are hosting a panel discussion with the first group of students and professionals to research this digital collection. To register for the Lunch & Learn Webinar: A Conversation with the Herencia Crowdsourcing Interns, click here.