Copyright Royalty Board News, Issue 252

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November 17, 2020
Issue 252

Copyright Royalty Board Announces Upcoming Change to eCRB Login Process

In early December, the Copyright Royalty Board will add multifactor authentication to the login process for eCRB, its online litigation filing and case management system. With multifactor authentication, registered eCRB users will need to take an additional step to authenticate themselves after entering their username and password. eCRB Customer Support will email instructions to registered users once multifactor authentication is in place. Users should login and follow the prompts when they receive the instructions. The prompts will require users to choose from several authentication options, one of which will require users to download an app to their mobile device.

Registered eCRB users who need assistance or have questions about this change should contact the eCRB Customer Service Team at or 703-841-6386.