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We're so close!

Hello everyone,

We're so close to reaching the completion challenge for our newest Campaign: "Ordinary Lives in George Washington’s Papers: The Revolutionary War." This year, as we approach Independence Day, we invite you to take a moment to transcribe or edit the remaining receipts in the Campaign, which shed light on Washington's life, the lives of people in his household and army, and the tradespeople they interacted with. You'll find some big names here, like that of Alexander Hamilton, who served as Washington's aide during the Revolutionary War. But you'll also find receipts submitted by women and former slaves, such as laundress Martha Morris, whose receipt needs a last edit. 

There are just 75 short pages left, most of which have been started or are in review. Take a moment to go back in time and imagine what life was like for people who lived on the front lines of the war. There was gingerbread to bake, horses to feed, clothes to wash and mend. These receipts are evidence of the lives, struggles, and the everyday activities that supported the troops, as they fought for independence from Britain.


Wishing you all a safe and reflective weekend,

Victoria and the By the People team 

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