Crowdsourcing at the Library of Congress Update for LC staff

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Teddy Roosevelt Review and Cancellation of Office Hours

Dear Colleagues,

Your work on the Teddy Roosevelt campaign continues to amaze us! So far you've transcribed over 10,000 pages and reviewed/completed nearly 8,000 of these. Another 2,000 currently need review. We would love it if you could set yourselves a personal challenge–for every page you transcribe, review two pages to help us get the pile of pages needing review close to zero. Moving pages through review means more complete transcriptions to bring back to sooner, which will radically improve everyone's ability to access and discover these important documents. 

Update on Office Hours

We've noticed a decline in office hour attendance, which we hope means you're feeling confident in the By the People process! Your good progress so far certainly suggests you're up to speed. As a result, we are suspending our Monday office hour until further notice. We will continue to host webinars when we have a special presentation from a curator or if we see a spike of questions in our inbox ( Keep an eye out! We'll share information about upcoming webinars through this newsletter. Please email us at if you have a question that isn't answered in the Help Center or on History Hub, and we'll be glad to answer. 

In solidarity,

The By the People team

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