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Lincoln Challenge Update and Rosa Parks

Lincoln Challenge update

We’re in the final stretch!

It’s the last few days of our Letters to Lincoln challenge! Can you help us out with the last 90 pages of the 1865-1889 letters? 75 need review and 15 are “In Progress.” Once these pages are all complete we can bring all 1,481 back to the Library’s main website.

If you’re a fan of tricky cursive handwriting and can read German, we have quite the treat for you here.

And for all you language lovers out there, keep an eye out for our next campaign launching February 25!

Rosa Parks Campaign

We’re so grateful for the overwhelming response of volunteers new and old who have jumped in to improve search and access to Rosa Parks’s writings and legacy! Just two weeks since launching our Parks campaign, all pages (nearly 1,800!) have had a first pass of transcription! There are only a handful of pages left in “In Progress” that would love some attention. Can you transcribe the remaining pages for these 1987 items.

There’s still time to jump in to review! This campaign is our fastest moving yet--do you think we’ll be able to complete it in just 1 month?

Carlyn and the By the People team

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