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Fall Into Whitman Review

Give what you can to Whitman

Sometimes we challenge volunteers to help us reach a specific collective goal, such as reviewing 1,000 pages from the Suffrage collection. This week we ask instead that you give what you can of your time to the Walt Whitman Campaign. Nearly all of the pages are transcribed, while 2,562 await review. If everyone receiving this email reviews just one page of the Whitman Campaign this week, we'll complete the Campaign today (just 6 months since its launch)! Once completed, the Library will use the transcriptions to improve discovery and readability of the Whitman papers for students, researchers, and poetry lovers all over the world. 

Quick tips

Have you ever wanted to double-check the transcription guidelines before hitting "Submit" or "Accept"? You can see frequently needed instructions while working on a page by clicking "Quick tips" below the transcription window. More detailed information about how to transcribe, review, and tag is available in the Help Center. Finally, if neither of those sources answer your specific question, visit our History Hub forum! There, volunteers and Library of Congress staff ask and answer queries and conundrums, including trickier how-to’s. History Hub posts also help us to improve the instructions, so if you don't see your question yet, ask away to aid your fellow volunteers!

Thanks for your help!

The By the People team