Crowdsourcing at the Library of Congress Update

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Summer Review Challenge Roundup

Honoring suffragists twice over!

Exactly one week after kicking off our Summer Suffrage Review Challenge, 2,258 pages were newly completed! We originally asked volunteers to review and complete 1,000 pages in the “Suffrage: Women Fight for the Vote” collection in one week to honor the tireless efforts of women’s suffrage activists who won the right to vote 100 years ago. No surprise – you jumped in with both feet – completing 1,000 pages by Wednesday evening! To keep the ball rolling, we expanded the challenge to 2,000 pages, which you also blew past.

Thank you all for taking on this challenge whole-heartedly! If you’re new to review, we hope you will keep contributing to this crucial final volunteer step to help open up these collections.

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty to do! We’re already planning our next challenge for Veteran’s Day.

A new campaign on the horizon

As a reward for an amazing challenge week, we’re dropping some hints about a new campaign, coming September 4!

  • The person at the center of the new campaign was once a Library of Congress employee.
  • For this campaign we’re working with some new Library of Congress folks to bring history to life.
  • We’re jazzed about these new pages and hope they’ll strike a chord with you too!

Any guesses? Stay tuned for the big announcement in two weeks!

National Book Festival

If you're in the DC-area, join us Saturday, August 31 for the National Book Festival, an annual Library of Congress celebration of readers and authors. While you're there, stop by our all-day crowdsourcing café to join in some transcription and pick up some By the People swag!