Copyright Royalty Board News, Issue 213

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February 7, 2019
Issue 213

Chief Copyright Royalty Judge Suzanne M. Barnett Announces Retirement

Chief Judge Suzanne M. Barnett will retire on February 15, 2019. During her tenure, Judge Barnett led the CRB into the digital age with the implementation of the electronic filing and litigation case management system, eCRB. 

“It has been a privilege to serve,” said Judge Barnett. “Every judge dreams of presiding over complex controversies presented by talented and professional counsel. My time at the Copyright Royalty Board has exceeded my highest expectations. I owe my successes to the sophisticated level of litigation practice before our bench and to the dedication and hard work of the incomparable CRB staff.”

The Librarian of Congress will appoint a successor Chief Copyright Royalty Judge.