We're open!

Happy 2019, one and all!

We hope you had a restful and joyful turn of the year, and are ready to put your know-how to work on transcribing and reviewing documents on By the People. We're happy to say we've started adding your reviewed transcriptions back into the Library's website, and will send another email in a few weeks when these are visible and searchable. 

Isn't the Library shut down? you ask.

It may come as a surprise, but not all parts of the Federal government are shut down at this time. The Library of Congress is still open, as our budget was approved in the autumn. You can transcribe, review, and tag on By the People (crowd.loc.gov) as normal.

Let's chat: History Hub and Twitter

When you visit our discussion forum, History Hub, you'll see a large message explaining that the government is closed at this time and that the site is not active. This is true for most parts of History Hub, which is hosted by our colleagues at the National Archives, but it's not true for us. So just click "Don't show me this message again", and if you ask a question or make a comment in the By the People (Crowd) board we'll moderate it and get the conversation going. Remember, History Hub is a great place to engage with fellow volunteers and history lovers around the country and the world! Our Twitter account is running as normal too. 

Happy new year!

The By the People team