News from the John W. Kluge Center: The Kluge Center Presents a Panel Discussion, "Liberalism, Foreign Policy, & the Emerging international Order."

On Thursday, November 1st, from Noon to 2:00pm, in LJ-119 of the Thomas Jefferson Building (10 First Street, SE, Washington, DC), the John W. Kluge Center will present a panel discussion, "Liberalism, Foreign Policy, & The Emerging International Order."

Drawing on world-wide case studies, speakers will discuss the ideals of liberalism in foreign policy and consider recent critiques that the promotion of democracy is simply a pragmatic or hypocritical Western stance.

Ivan Krastev, New York Times columnist and current Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations at the Kluge Center will moderate the panel including:

Thomas Bagger, Director of Foreign Policy in the Office of the Federal President of Germany

Rosa Brooks, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center

Sir Robert Francis Cooper, a British diplomat currently serving as a Special Advisor at the European Commission

Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of “Russia in Global Affairs.

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