News from the John W. Kluge Center: Film Screening and Discussion of Hospital

On Thursday, October 4th, 2018, 5:30pm, in the Mary Pickford Theater, 3rd Floor, James Madison Building, 101 Independence Avenue, SE, Washington, DC, the Kluge Center and Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division will discuss and screen Frederick Wiseman's documentary film Hospital.

Hospital (1970), Frederick Wiseman’s Emmy award-winning observational documentary on New York City’s Metropolitan Hospital, goes behind the scenes of an overburdened institution, offering an unblinking look at the various roles the general hospital plays in modern society serving its mostly poor clientele.  Without narration or interviews, Wiseman’s embedded camera captures highly dramatic interactions, heroic staff interventions, bureaucratic frustrations, and even bits of absurdist comedy coloring life-and-death situations. Alan Gevinson, the Library of Congress project director of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, has been immersed in a year-long Kluge Center project to assess the present-day value of such immersive documentaries as sources for historical knowledge about ways that institutions have functioned in American lives over the past half century. He will discuss the project in a Q&A with Kluge Center director John Haskell.