Copyright Royalty Board News, Issue 174

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September 7, 2017
Issue 174

eCRB’s PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDER WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR FILING PETITIONS TO PARTICIPATE ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, FROM 6:00 PM UNTIL 12:00 MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME, eCRB’s payment service provider, will be out of service on Saturday, September 9, from 6:00 pm until 12:00 midnight Eastern time. Anyone planning to file a Petition to Participate in the proceeding to determine the distribution of 2009, 2010, and 2011 Digital Audio Recording Technology royalties in the Musical Works Funds, docket number 2013-6 CRB DD (MWF) (2009–2011), should avoid filing during this time. 


The CRB is in the process of uploading the complete record of active proceedings into the eCRB system. For the CRB to associate attorneys with the participants they represent in the added proceedings, attorneys must be registered in eCRB.  The CRB urges any attorney or pro se party who has appeared in past proceedings and has not yet registered to do so. An attorney or pro se participant that fails to register might not receive electronic notices from eCRB regarding activity in the added proceedings. 

Attorneys and other registered eCRB users must log in at least every thirty days in order to keep their accounts active so they will receive any notification of filings to which they are entitled. Users must also change their password every sixty days. Click here to register or log in. 



September 14, 2017: Due date for objections to motion for partial distribution of 2015 DART sound recordings fund royalties (82 FR 38713).

October 2, 2017: Due date for Petitions to Participate and filing fee, if applicable, for proceeding to determine distribution of digital audio recording technology royalty fees in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Musical Works Funds (82 FR 41663).


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