Copyright Royalty Board News, Issue 168

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June 16, 2017
Issue 168


On June 15, the Copyright Royalty Judges launched an electronic filing system, eCRB.

eCRB is available for free to any member of the public wishing to follow case progress, study CRB precedent, or research copyright royalty issues for any reason. Public users need not register to browse, but they will not have access to confidential documents in each file. 

The Judges encourage all those conducting business with the CRB to explore eCRB (, bearing in mind that at launch the system did not include any documents filed prior to the launch. Populating the dockets with viewable documents began immediately, and the CRB will be adding content in reverse chronological order for each active proceeding. 

Attorneys representing participants and pro se participants in royalty rate and distribution proceedings will need to create a user account that will be reviewed by CRB staff prior to approval. The role the CRB assigns to each registered user will determine the breadth of access to documents in each proceeding file. Claimants to statutory royalty fees, those wishing to comment on proposed regulations, and those filing cue sheets and notices of intent to audit will need to register prior to filing.

A link to eCRB is available on the current developments page of the CRB website. 

FAQs are answered here.



June 20, 2017: Due date for comments on proposed regulations to require covered cable systems to pay a separate per-telecast royalty for sports programming (82 FR 24611).


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