Copyright Royalty Board News, Issue 152

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October 17, 2016
Issue 152


The Library of Congress in 2017 will begin offering an electronic filing system for all documents submitted to the Copyright Royalty Judges. Examples of documents that the system will accept are litigation documents, claims, audit notices, comments, and hearing exhibits. The Judges anticipate that the system will be completed by spring 2017 and go live later in the year.

The Judges aim to create a system that is both user-friendly and technologically effective. To that end, the contractor developing the system would like to interview prospective users about the best and the least valuable aspects of electronic filing systems with which they have experience. For example, many attorneys who represent parties to Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) proceedings may have relevant experience with federal and state court electronic filing systems they may wish to share. Or parties who routinely file documents with the CRB or appear at hearings may wish to comment on features and processes they would like to see in the system.

If you or your colleagues are willing to be interviewed, please write to as soon as possible, and type “User Interview” in the subject line. The contractor will independently select and contact respondents.

After an appropriate transition period, the Judges anticipate making use of the electronic filing system mandatory for most filers. The Judges will be publishing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking requesting comments on regulations to govern electronic filing of documents.


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