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Energy Update - April 2019

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Egypt plans to invest around $38 billion developing its petrochemicals sector over the next five years. The petrochemical sector represents about 12% of industrial production and generates revenue totaling USD 7 billion, equivalent to nearly 3% of GDP.  Egypt has the largest refinery capacity in Africa at a nominal 840,000 barrels per day, although it operates well below this capacity, with 508,000 barrels per day processed in 2017. Currently, the government is updating existing refineries, and a new private-sector refinery is also set to begin production. 

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced in 2016 a five-year modernization plan for the sector. The objective is to design and implement a program to enhance the contribution of the oil and gas sector to the economic growth of the country and to be a leader that other sectors can follow. This modernization plan is divided into seven different programs: Investment Attraction, Sector Structural Reform, HR Management, Downstream Performance, Upstream Performance, Hub Strategy, and Decision Support and Data Flow. To learn more, click here.

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Contact the CS Egypt Energy Commercial Specialist Ms. Dina Bissada

Trade Events

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Predictions and Analysis for Mexico's Renewable Energy Sector in 2019 

Date and Time: Thursday, April 11 | 12 p.m. EST/11 a.m. CST | Length: One Hour | Cost: FREE
Register HERE
This webinar will feature insights from a panel of energy experts who will analyze and discuss what is in store for Mexico's renewable energy sector in 2019 and beyond. With a new government in place and uncertainty regarding energy policy, understanding the direction of renewables is now more important than ever. Key topics of discussion during the webinar will include: • Analyzing and reviewing the latest Mexican government announcements on energy policy • Where do renewable energy projects stand given the possibility of a renewed shift towards fossil fuels for electricity generation? • Are Mexico’s goals and commitments for clean energy generation still on track? • Assessing potential developments in the CFE and understanding the implications for the renewable energy industry • How does the change in the energy sector impact private PPAs between high energy users and renewable energy generators? • Reviewing the position of the CRE and its role under the current administration.

Benin Power Compact Procurement Opportunities

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Join MCC to learn about two upcoming procurement opportunities in the Benin Power Compact Electricity Distribution Project. Remarks by: 

  • Sinnammal Souppaya, Director, Program Procurement, MCC
  • Christopher Broughton, Resident Country Director, Benin Power Compact, MCC
  • Erin Ansell, Associate Director, Department of Compact Operations, MCC

Featured Procurement Opportunities:

  1. Works: Cotonou and Regional Grid Strengthening and Rehabilitation: Substations (opens late April)
  2. Consulting Services: Supervisory Engineering Services (opens late April)

These procurements are part of the Electricity Distribution Project of the Benin Power Compact. The project aims to modernize Benin’s power distribution infrastructure by increasing the network’s ability to support future demand growth, improving reliability, and reducing power loss and outages. The project will improve the network serving Cotonou, the economic capital of the country, and select regional networks as a complement to the proposed solar production investments. It will also construct a national dispatch and control center to more efficiently manage the national grid, including intermittent flow from renewable sources.

Online: Join Webex meeting 
Meeting number (access code): 730 318 033  | Meeting password: e5D33Hw9
By phone:  1-844-740-1264 USA Toll Free  1-240-454-0879 USA Toll 

Trade Leads

  • TURKEY: Turcas Petrol, Inc
    Turcas Petrol, with a history stretching back 88 years, is an oil/energy-focused investment company having subsidiaries with leading companies in their sectors. Turcas’ subsidiary in fuel distribution and lubricants market, Shell & Turcas Petroleum, thanks to its network of 1,011 Shell-branded gas stations nationwide, oil storage terminals, lubricants production and marketing activities, reached to a turnover of 19.6 billion TL in 2017. With this turnover, it is not only a leader of the energy sector, but also among the top 10 largest companies in the Turkish economy. Turcas is seeking for a potential U.S. partner, which would first supply methanol by ships to its Atas facility near the city of Mersin at the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey. After establishing such cooperation, Turcas plans to establish a methanol facility in the same place with this potential partner to keep supplying methanol to the Turkish market. Once established, this facility will be able to use U.S. LNG. For more information, contact Serdar Cetinkaya, U.S. Embassy Ankara.

  • NIGERIA: manufacturers of ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump Systems for Oil Production)
    Mustang Offshore Limited, an indigenous Nigerian oil and gas company owned and fully staffed by well trained and highly experienced team of Engineers is one of CS Nigeria's vetted clients. Mustang Offshore Nigeria is seeking Partnership with oil field electric submersible pump manufacturers and technologies of artificial lift systems to design and manufacture equipment to enable mustang fulfill service contracts in upstream of Nigeria oil industry. The desired OEM and equipment/service supplier should have acquired satisfactory performance documentation/contract references, experience in similar oil field services/other activities. For more information, please contact Ngozi Nkwoh, U.S. Embassy Lagos

  • BENIN: "Strengthening and Rehabilitation of the Regional Electricity Distribution Network and Cotonou - Lines"
    The contract includes the following four lots:

    • lot A, representing the design and construction of 33 kV lines at the regional level (lines concerning Natitingou, Bérincigou, Djougou and Parakou);
    • lot B, representing the design and construction of 63 and 15 kV lines in Cotonou (concerns lines between Vèdoko, Gbedjromèdo, Red Cross, Cim Benin and Akpakpa);
    • lot C, representing the design and construction of the 63 and 15 kV lines at Cotonou (concerns lines between Vèdoko, Airport, Fidjrossè, Ancien Pont and Akpakpa);
    • lot D, representing the design and construction of 63 kV lines around Cotonou (concerns lines between Cim Benin, Sèmè and Tanzoun).    
      DeadlineJune 18, 2019 | For more information: See MCA-Benin website here.
      Power Africa Point of Contact: info-benin@charleskendall.com  

  • MALAYSIA: Tender for 500 MW of Solar Projects in Peninsular Malaysia
    Malaysia’s Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change
    (MESTECC) has announced a tender for the project Large Scale Solar (LSS) 3 is the third round of the country’s procurement program for large-scale PV. The project, comprising solar parks ranging in size from 1-100 MW and the tender process will be finalized by the end of 2019, while bids will have to be submitted by August this year. More information.

  • GHANA: Chase Petroleum Wants to Engage with US Partners of Refined Petroleum Products
    Chase Petroleum wants to engage partners (suppliers, refineries or brokers) of refined petroleum products from the United States who have the capacity to deliver products (Gasoline and Gasoil, but not limited to these) to meet the Ghanaian market specifications. Chase Petroleum has the capacity to procure 40,000MT or more of combined products (gasoil and gatender for 500 MW of solar projects in Peninsular Malaysiasoline) on monthly basis at competitive prices. As part of the Chase Holding (CH) Group of companies, the Group has the largest and most efficient privately-owned tank farm with a 120,000 cubic meters capacity: Gasoil – 70,000 cubic meters. Gasoline – 50,000 cubic meters. Chase Petroleum Ghana Limited also wants to engage a financing partner (Bank, investment house, etc.) to finance the transactions between the US supply partner and Chase. This will be in the form of structured trade finance, Letter of Credit facility among other options. Company Profile HERE. For more information, contact Hannah.Kamenetsky@trade.gov, Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Ghana.

  • BANGLADESH: Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)
    Tetrahedron, Inc. is looking to buy Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). Quantity can be as high as 500,000 tons/year. Specification of the product are: Parameters Test Method *Limit Value Density, max, at 15 deg Centigrade ASTM D4052 991 kg/m3 Viscosity, max, at 50 deg. centigrade ASTM D445 180 cSt Water, vol%, max. ASTM D95 0.50% Flash Point, min. ASTM D93 660 C Pour Point, max. ASTM D97 240 C Sulpher, mass %,max ASTM D4294 3.50% Total Sediment, mass %,max IP 375-11 0.10% Sodium, max IP 501-05 30 mg/kg Ash, mass%, max ASTM D482-13 0.10% Vanadium, max IP 501-05 200mg/kg Aluminium + Silicon IP 501-05 80 mg/kg Carbon Residue, mass%, max ASTM D5291-10 16% Ashphaltens, mass%, max 14% CCAI, max 860 Calcium, max 30 mg/kg LHV [Kj/Kg] min ASTM D240-14 39,000 Hydrogen Content ASTM D5291-10 Mass % Report 10.5 Zinc 15 mg/kg Phosphorus 15 mg/kg *Above value are to measured as per applicable standard test method. 1. Specification of the product to match the required specification. 2. Price both FOB and CIF (Chittagong, Bangladesh) 3. Country of Origin. Deadline: July 31, 2019. For more information, contact Danielle Caltabiano

    Invitation for Bid Deadline: May 17, 2019. For more information, contact Suttharud Liangwonnaporn.

  • CHINA: Import LNG by ISO Containers   
    Information on Trade Lead | CERG Company Profile

Market Research

SG Report 2018

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration Released the 2018 Smart Grid Top Markets Report

ITA's 2018 Smart Grid Top Markets Report ranks 56 international markets in terms of growth potential for the U.S. smart grid industry. The Report also analyzes the sub-sectors of transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment; smart grid information communication technologies (ICT); and energy storage.

You can find the report here.


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