Environmental Technologies Global Team Newsletter - April 2019


Environmental Technologies Global Team Newsletter - April 2019

Market Spotlight: Mexico

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Mexico offers extensive opportunities for U.S. environmental technology exporters across the spectrum of water, air, and waste sectors.  Two upcoming events in September 2019 - AQUATECH 2019 and THE GREEN EXPO - present ideal venues for U.S. companies to showcase their solutions and take advantage of the support provided by our environmental technologies specialists based in our Mexico City office.  Further details are included below in our list of Upcoming Trade Events.

On the water and wastewater side, though nearly 90 percent of the population has access to drinking water and 86 percent has access to sewage services, large gaps remain in rural areas where both water resources and infrastructure are scarce. The government estimates that nine million Mexicans do not have access to potable water and that eleven million do not have access to sewage lines. The overall Mexican municipal water and wastewater market was expected to grow seven percent annually between 2013 and 2018 as the government implemented its National Water Plan (PNH 2014-2018). Mexico’s new government is expected to release an updated National Development Plan by May 2019, which will serve as the strategic foundation for other planning documents, such as a National Infrastructure Plan, that should include a forward-looking water strategy.

Upcoming projects are to be financed through public-private partnerships (PPPs), a model recently adopted through the Public and Private Partnership Law. The PPP model anticipated $950 million of private investment in 2014 to match CONAGUA’s allocation of $6 billion. During the 2015 to 2018 period, CONAGUA’s budget for water infrastructure development was $4 billion, which was intended to be leveraged to develop 1,200 new potable water treatment plants, upgrades to wastewater treatment plants, and construction of new desalination plants, water pipelines and dams. U.S. companies interested in developing PPPs should work with CONAGUA, which will remain the tendering agency for these projects.

To learn more about opportunities in Mexico, please visit our Country Commercial Guide and its feature of environmental technologies as a best market prospect or reach out to your local Trade Specialist.  


Featured Event: WasteExpo


WasteExpo is the largest solid waste, recycling and organics event in North America. It is the once-a-year meeting place for companies to reconnect with peers, network, learn, and discover the newest products and services in this $85 billion industry. The conference program and special events run from May 6-9, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  In 2018, WasteExpo featured over 600 exhibitors and more than 12,000 attendees from 86 countries. 

In conjunction with Waste360, the U.S. Department of Commerce is excited to offer U.S. exhibitors at WasteExpo a suite of free value-added services to assist in connecting U.S. exporters with international partners, buyers, and decision makers.  Click on the link below to register for our free B2B Matchmaking, Showtime Market Counseling, and opportunities to provide a demo to foreign buyers at your booth.  We will be leading buyer delegations from across Asia-Pacific, Europe, The Americas, and the Middle East/Africa.  

Link: https://emenuapps.ita.doc.gov/ePublic/ifp-reg/1581
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 6-9, 2019
Jorge Arce for our B2B Program or Monica McFarlane for our Showtime Market Counseling Program. 

Featured Event: IFAT 2020 in Munich, Germany

IFAT, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management will take place once again May 5 - 9, 2020 in Munich, Germany. This truly international show offered over 3,300 exhibitors the opportunity to present their latest innovations in waste management and recycling to more than 142,000 visitors from 162 countries! There is still time to apply for the show, but time is running out.

You can apply here: https://www.ifat.de/exhibitors/book-your-space/application-for-main-exhibitors/index.html but make sure to register before the April 30, 2019 deadline. 

If you have any questions, contact CS Germany’s Doris Groot at doris.groot@trade.gov or the show organizer contact, Karen Vogelsang at kvogelsang@tssworldwide.com.


Procurement Opportunity: MCC Funding for Environmental and Social Oversight Consultant in Cote d'Ivoire

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is a small U.S. Government foreign aid agency created to combat global poverty.  MCC operates across the world to address constraints to economic growth (such as in power, clean water and transportation) as it partners with select developing countries. U.S. companies can mitigate their risk by working on these MCC-financed projects. MCC’s procurement processes establish a fair playing field and factor in “best value” (meaning that the lowest bidder does not automatically win). Importantly, successful companies will get paid for their work, in a defined time period, in U.S. dollars.  

The Millennium Challenge Account in Cote d’Ivoire is looking for a consulting firm to serve as the Environmental and Social Oversight Consultant (“ESOC”) for the Skills for Employability and Productivity Project.  This project will increase access to secondary education and teacher training, and support the construction of up to 84 new secondary schools. Through a public-private partnership, a new technical vocational education and training (TVET) model will advance development of in-demand skills. It will also help the government mitigate gender disparities, improving outcomes for girls in the education system.

To learn more, please visit:

UNDB: https://www.devbusiness.com/ProjectViewer.aspx?ProjectID=173255&ProjectType=1

DgMarket: https://www.dgmarket.com/tenders/np-notice.do?noticeId=27553596&full=f

Industry News and Highlights

EPA Administrator Wheeler's Wilson Center Remarks on Global Water Issues: 


Upcoming Domestic and International Trade Events

Event: IE Expo 2019
Location: Shanghai, China
Date: April 15-17, 2019
Description: As one of Asia's leading environmental shows, IE expo China 2019 will focus on these high potential markets in the environmental sector: Water and Sewage Treatment, Waste Management, Site Remediation, Air Pollution Control and Air Purification
Contact: Pamela.Kirkland@trade.gov

Event: 52nd ADB Annual Meeting
Location: Denarau Island, Nadi, Fiji
Dates: May 2-5, 2019
Description: The Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors provides guidance on ADB administrative, financial, and operational directions. The meetings and fora will focus on economic and social development issues in Asia and the Pacific, and open opportunities to meet member governments, ADB staff, nongovernment organizations (NGOs), media, and representatives of observer countries, international organizations, academe and the private sector.  CS ADB will attend and welcomes the chance to support US private sector participants.
Contacts:  Ms. Marie Charmaine “Apple” YUSON at myuson1.consultant@adb.org; Ms. Clarisse Santos at csantos.consultant@adb.org

Event: Trade Winds Indo Pacific Business Development Conference
Location: New Delhi
Date: May 6-8, 2019
Description: The annual Trade Winds Trade Mission, the largest U.S. government organized trade mission, will be focusing on the Indo-Pacific Region this year. The event features a May 6-8 business development conference in New Delhi, for which registration remains open. U.S. participants will have access to the full conference, the opportunity to meet with Commercial Diplomats from throughout the Indo-Pacific region, multiple networking events, and peer-to-peer networking with others in attendance.  With Environmental Technologies being a best prospect, this will be a great opportunity for U.S. environmental technologies companies. 
Contact: Ryan.Russell@trade.gov  

Event: WasteExpo 2019
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.
Dates: May 7-9, 2019
WasteExpo is the largest trade show in North America serving the $85 billion solid waste and recycling markets.  The WasteExpo conference program runs from May 6-9, 2019 and the exhibition is open from May 7-9, 2019.  The event serves the entire waste and recycling industries – private sector, public sector and waste management professionals from all industries.  WasteExpo combines industry education with an exhibition that highlights industry products and services for buyers from around the world.  Attendance is open to all individuals related to the solid waste and recycling industries. 
Contact: Pamela Kirkland, pamela.kirkland@trade.gov  

Event: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's (EBRD) Annual Meeting and Business Forum
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
 May 7-9, 2019
Description: Join the American Business Delegation at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Annual Meeting and Business Forum, May 7-9, 2019 in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina www.ebrd.com/am   This year’s conference will focus on the Western Balkans, as well as individual Investment Outlook Sessions on Egypt, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.  Sector highlights include Digitalization, Green Cities, Sustainable Tourism, and Good Governance.  We will have a special program with the U.S. Ambassador for the members of the American Business Delegation.
Mary Boscia, Senior Commercial Officer at the EBRD in London, mary.boscia@trade.gov 

Event: USA Fair Nigeria
Location: Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Dates: May 21-23, 2019
Description: U.S. Commercial Service brings you USA Fair 2019, presenting American manufacturers, suppliers and service providers with product and company showcase opportunities to Nigeria, the most dynamic market on the African continent. 
Contact: Ambrose.Thomas@trade.gov; Benedicta.Nkwoh@trade.gov 

Event: U.S. – Caribbean Business Conference
Miami, Florida
June 5-6, 2019
Please join us for the U.S. Caribbean Business Conference 2019 in Miami, Florida.  The Caribbean represents a large $23 billion export market for U.S. firms. The U.S. Commercial Service, the South Florida District Export Council (DEC), and Enterprise Florida (EFI) are organizing the conference to help your company access opportunities across this important region.  
May 15th  2019
Javier Suarez (javier.suarez@trade.gov) and Andrew Billard (andrew.billard@trade.gov)

SITeau International Technologies Exhibition of Water and Sanitation
June 11-13, 2019
Casablanca, Morocco
Description: The 6th edition of the SITeau International Technologies Exhibition of Water and Sanitation will be in Casablanca on June 11-13, 2019. SITeau offers a platform for linking national and international stakeholders involved in the sectors of water, sanitation, energy by water and for water: public, private, academic, international organizations, actors of international cooperation, training centers and civil society. 

Event: The 17th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition& Conference (CIEPEC 2019)
Location: Beijing, China
Date: June 12-14, 2019
Description: CIEPEC is the highest-level national brand exhibition in China with a 32-year track record. It will be held in June 12 – 14, 2019 in Beijing's International Exhibition Center. CIEPEC 2019 has over 800 exhibitors and will attract over 70, 000 attendees. CIEPEC 2019 is a DOC certified trade show and US Commercial Service Beijing would like to invite the US environmental companies who are interested in the Chinese market to exhibit and attend the show.
Contact: Jiangyao.Zhang@trade.gov

Event: Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2019
Location: ADB HQ, Manila, Philippines
Dates: June 17-21, 2019
Description: ACEF draws in a diverse mix of project developers, financial institutions and investors, non-profits, entrepreneurs, government officials, donors and program managers, and civil society and academia for one intense and enlightening week of knowledge exchange, brainstorming, and partnership development.
Contacts:  Ms. Marie Charmaine “Apple” YUSON at myuson1.consultant@adb.org; Ms. Clarisse Santos at csantos.consultant@adb.org

Event:  THE GREEN EXPO 2019
Date: September 2-5, 2019
Location: World Trade Center, Mexico City.
Description: THE GREEN EXPO is Latin America’s premier event for cutting-edge, sustainable solutions and technologies in an ever-increasing number of markets.Participate in Mexico and Latin America’s most important event for industries interested in profitable solutions within a sustainable circular economy.  This is a can’t-miss event for U.S. companies seeking to provide their sustainable technologies, products and solutions to customers in Mexico and throughout the region.  You can also benefit from the on site support of our local U.S. Commercial Service environmental technology specialist to maximize the benefit of your participation.
Contact: Brad Smith, Tarsus México | Sales & Marketing Manager, brad.smith@tarsus.mx
Claudia Salgado at claudia.salgado@trade.gov

Event: Aquatech Mexico
Date: September 3-5, 2019
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Description: Aquatech is the largest water technology event in the region. The event is a U.S. Commercial Service Certified Trade Fair and includes an Exhibition Pavilion dedicated to U.S. companies. U.S. Commercial Service in Mexico looks forward to helping your company participate in the exhibition and conference and navigate the market in this region. 
Contact: Francisco.Ceron@trade.gov

Event: WEFTEC 2019
Date: September 21-25, 2019
Location: Chicago, IL
Description: WEFTEC is the largest conference of its kind in North America and offers water quality professionals from around the world with the best water quality education and training available today. The U.S. Commercial Service will be offering B2B matchmaking and Showtime market counseling services. 
Contact: Pamela Kirkland at pamela.kirkland@trade.gov

Event: IFAT
Date: May 5-9, 2020
Location: Munich, Germany
Description: IFAT is the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management. This truly international show offered over 3,300 exhibitors the opportunity to present their latest innovations in waste management and recycling to more than 142,000 visitors from 162 countries! There is still time to apply for the show, but time is running out. You can apply here: https://www.ifat.de/exhibitors/book-your-space/application-for-main-exhibitors/index.html but make sure to register before April 30, 2019 as that is the deadline.
Contact: CS Germany’s Doris Groot at doris.groot@trade.gov or the show organizer contact, Karen Vogelsang at kvogelsang@tssworldwide.com.

International Buyer Program (IBP)- Domestic Trade Shows

Trade Fair Certification (TFC) - International Trade Shows

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