October Energy Update: Opportunities for U.S. Energy Exporters!

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Energy Update - October 2018

West Gaza

The energy sector in the West Bank and Gaza is one of the main drivers for economic growth and development. The renewable energy sector is still in its infancy but there is a good opportunity for U.S. exports of renewable energy products, technologies, and services.  Over the next few years, good prospects exist for utility-scale solar PV farms, commercial and residential rooftop PV systems, energy efficiency, solar PV street lighting systems, small-scale wind projects, and vocational training centers.  In addition, good opportunities exist for biogas generation from landfills and animal waste.   

The West Bank and Gaza imports 90% of its electricity and the remaining 10% is generated locally.  Total demand for electricity is currently estimated at 820 MW.  Israel supplies 85% (700 MW) of the electric power used.  The Gaza Power Generating Company (GPGC) generates 8% (65 MW) in Gaza and around 2% (20 MW) is currently generated from renewable projects (solar PV farms and rooftop PV panels).  Jordan and Egypt supply approximately 5% (37 MW) of the total demand.

The Palestinian Authority encourages the development of renewables, mainly solar, as an alternative source of energy.  Accordingly, the Palestinian government’s 2020 Energy Strategy is to generate 50% of the needed electricity locally from gas-fueled power plants, import 40% from neighboring countries, and generate 10% from renewable energy sources (mainly solar).  In two years, total investment in renewable energy sector is expected to amount to $370 million. 

Some of the sector’s challenges include lack of funding since Palestinians are almost dependent on foreign financial aid, availability of land for certain areas of the West Bank are still under Israel’s control, and lack of awareness about the importance of renewable energy sources.  For more information about the solar energy market in the West Bank, kindly contact Senior Commercial Specialist Assad Barsoum at Assad.Barsoum@trade.gov

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PANAMA CANAL: Improving Transit of U.S. LNG

Join the U.S. Commercial Service and Panama Canal Authority (ACP) for a webinar highlighting the Panama Canal’s new transit guidance for LNG vessels and opportunities for increased U.S. LNG shipments. Program flyer with agenda and speakers.

DATE: Tuesday, October 30 | TIME: 11:00 am ET/10:00 am CT COST: $25 | REGISTER HERE
Danielle.Caltabiano@trade.gov or Jeane.Zuniga@trade.gov 

Trade Leads

  • Mexico: 2Q19 supply of Type 2 and 3 Thermal Coal
    Regio Cal is seeking to purchase a 2Q19 supply of type 2 and 3 thermal coal from reputed US suppliers. Coal must meet specifications in full including Heating Power > 5800 kcal/kg; Ash content < 15%; Moisture < 17%; Sulphur < 1.5% (complete spec sheet available on request). Material to be delivered in pre-established monthly quantities through the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas in Michoacan. For more information, contact Mario.Vidana@trade.gov.  
  • China:  Seeking U.S. Equipment Suppliers for Waste Recycling, Mine Reclamation, and Harmless Utilization of Organic Wastes 
    Dalian DeeTop Industry Group Co.,Ltd is seeking Carbonization and Gas Combustion Equipment, 
    Biogas Purification Equipment, Boron Mud High-valued Product Fabrication Equipment, Ceramic Oil Proppant Fabrication Equipment, Bio-gas and Nature Gas Mixed Combustion Equipment, Agent of Producing Soil by Inorganic Tailings, Mine Temporary Repair Material, Soil or Cover Film Improvement Agent, Rapid Afforest Agent, Plastic Particle Production Equipment. For above mentioned equipment and products, if there’s any U.S. Companies have intention of opening Chinese market, we would like to introduce their suitable products on our mine rehabilitation projects, or be their agent or distributor in China market. FOr more information, contact Evelyn.Zhou@trade.gov
  • Mozambique: $60 billion dollar Anadarko/CCS (JV) LNG Project in Mozambique Seeking Hydraulic Portable Power, Electrical Bulks, Electrical Wire and Cable. Bidders on the tasks will need to demonstrate a relationship with Mozambique (i.e. currently registered in-country, partnering with a Mozambique firm) to meet national content requirements.  For more information, contact Tamarind.Murrietta@trade.gov; Daniel.Donato@trade.gov .

Market Intelligence


Peru’s Talara Refinery Upgrade and Block 192

Peru’s state-owned petroleum company, Petroperu, confirmed that it would emit the remaining $600 million in international bonds next year to complete the financing of the $5-billion modernization of the Talara refinery. It emitted $2 billion in bonds last year and is waiting for final approval of a $1.3-billion loan from thirteen banks brokered by the Spanish export credit agency, Cesce.  For more information and tender opportunities, please visit: https://www.petroperu.com.pe

Petroperu has also started to look for a partner for Block 192, which it will take over in September 2019, when the contract currently held by Canada’s Frontera expires.  Petroperu President James Atkins said the company has already talked to Frontera, as well as Algeria’s Sonatrach, Argentina’s Pluspetrol, which operated the block before Frontera, and Spain’s Cepsa in regards to developing Block 192.

To learn more about how your company can enter or expand into the energy market in Peru, contact Jorge.Prado@trade.gov. 

LNG & Gas Sector in Spain



Spanish LNG

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