September Energy Update: Opportunities for U.S. Energy Exporters!

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Energy Update - September 2018

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Europe is a world leader in the transition to clean, efficient, and smart energy, and this creates opportunities for US companies with innovative solutions to energy challenges. The European Union’s climate and energy policies drive demand for innovative renewable energy technologies, products, and services that will help member states achieve their ambitious energy objectives.

Updates to Europe’s “20-20-20” strategy (by 2020, reducing CO2 emissions by 20% from 1990 levels; increasing renewable energy consumption by 20%, and increasing energy efficiency savings by 20%) continue to cultivate markets for energy technologies and solutions. 2030 targets include a 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to 1990 levels, 27% share of renewable energy consumption, 30% improvement of energy efficiency, and 15% electricity interconnection target.

Europe also recognizes the importance of energy’s role in economic and national security. Key priorities driving opportunities for US companies include lowering energy cost, contributing to industrial innovation, grid security, and security of energy supply.

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Featured Event


Showcase Your Smart Energy Business in the U.S. Pavilion at European Utility Week

November 6-8, 2018, Vienna, Austria

Join the U.S. Commercial Service and Clarion Energy at European Utility Week this fall to showcase your product or service to a dynamic global audience. Key sectors at European Utility Week include smart grid,  renewables, energy   efficiency, grid security, electric mobility, and more. Special exhibitor pricing for American companies is available in the U.S. Pavilion, along with a package of value-added services from the U.S. Commercial Service, including U.S. Industry Reception, EuroChat - Business Counseling Sessions, and U.S. Export Interest Directory. 

For information on the European Utility Week-U.S. Pavilion Program, view the program flyer here or contact Erin Butler

Trade Events


Opportunities for U.S. Businesses in Bahrain’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Sector

Hosted by U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain Justin Siberell. Bahrain is in the midst of making significant investments in renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, and waste-to-energy technologies to meet its national renewable energy target of 5% by 2025 and 10% by 2035. Learn more about specific opportunities for U.S. businesses.
DATE: Thursday, September 19 | TIME: 9:00 am EST/8:00 am CST | COST: Complimentary
Program Flyer with Registration 

Winds of Change: Global Supply Chain Updates for Energy Storage

This webinar will explore the global supply chain for the most common forms of energy storage today, related historic trading patterns, the potential impacts of evolving trade policy on the future of the energy storage supply chain, as well as technological advancements that may alter the supply chain as we know it. Representatives from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and Smart Electric Power Alliance will share their insight on this webinar, hosted by Strategen.  DATE: September 20 | TIME: 11:00 am PST/2pm EST | COST: Complimentary
Details and Registration Here

Petrobras Onshore Rig and Service Demands - Recorded Webinar

If you missed the excellent presentation by Petrobras on September 5 covering the company's onshore rig and service demands, you still have the opportunity to watch it via a recorded webinar! To view the agenda, speakers, and more click here. To register to receive the recorded webinar, contact COST: $25

U.S. Natural Gas Opportunities in Honduras - Recorded Webinar

Honduran Minister of Energy Roberto Ordóñez and General Manager of Honduras’ national energy utility Jesús Mejía presented U.S. companies with a wealth of information on U.S. Natural Gas Opportunities on September 29. Don't worry if you weren't able to listen-in the first time, you can hear first-hand from these senior energy officials, as well as hear the the numerous questions asked by U.S. energy companies like yours! To view the agenda, speakers, and more click here. To register to receive the recorded webinar, contact Danielle.Caltabiano@trade.govCOST: $25

Trade Leads

  • Mozambique: $60 billion dollar Anadarko/CCS (JV) LNG Project in Mozambique Seeking Hydraulic Portable Power, Electrical Bulks, Electrical Wire and Cable. Bidders on the tasks will need to demonstrate a relationship with Mozambique (i.e. currently registered in-country, partnering with a Mozambique firm) to meet national content requirements.  For more information, contact;
  • Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC): Seeking to Source Utility Materials for Disaster Situations: T&TEC is interested in sourcing utility materials for disaster situations. Seeking distribution line materials, conductors, insulators, connectors, transformers (pole & pad mount <100kVA), poles (10m & 12m). Basically materials to restore the HV (12kV) and LV (110/220 Volt) network if lines are struck down during a hurricane or other disaster. For more information and the full list of materials needed, contact Marissa Nicholas, U.S. Embassy, Port of Spain, at
  • REVISED TIMELINE - Nigeria: Seeking Gas Technology Under the Nigeria Gas Flare Commercialization Program (NGFCP): Nigeria Oil and Gas Government approved the National Gas Policy and is seeking scalable technology for gas flare capture/commercialization, mini LNG equipment suppliers under the National Gas Flare Commercialization Program (NGFCP), as well as the national LPG Expansion Program (scalable gas flare capture technology/equipment/services to meet requirements for proposed modular refinery, small LNG equipment suppliers, LPG equipment/accessories/service suppliers). For more information on NGFCP, click here or contact REVISED NGFCP TIMELINE HERE

Market Research

Top Markets in Energy

Did You Know...?

DOE Report

The U.S. Department of Energy just released its report, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) in Mexico: Market Opportunity Analysis. 

Under implementation since 2013, energy reforms in Mexico have provided new opportunities for the CHP industry by facilitating competition and investment in natural gas, the primary fuel source for CHP systems.  The U.S. Department of Energy commissioned a report to identify opportunities and challenges facing U.S. suppliers of CHP technology and services within the context of the current energy regulatory environment in Mexico. The report, prepared by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, also provides an overview of the current energy policy environment and the electricity market dynamics related to the CHP sector in Mexico. Beyond the identification of commercial opportunities, companies interested in entering the CHP market in Mexico will find the report a valuable reference on the process for obtaining generation permits, accreditation for efficient CHP, and interconnection to the grid. More information -- including the FREE full report -- can be found here.


There are Grants Available to Help U.S. Small Businesses Export

The State Trade and Export Promotion Grant Program (STEP) is a 3-year pilot trade and export initiative to make matching-fund grants for states to assist “eligible small business concerns,” enter and succeed in the international marketplace. Services under the STEP Program are funded in part by SBA, but are provided to eligible small business concerns – or “STEP Clients” - by STEP grant recipients located in most states and territories, and the District of Columbia.

To learn more about the STEP program and if your state is a recipient, click here.


The Global Energy Team of the U.S. Commercial Service is dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. energy industry, expanding market access, and increasing exports. To learn more about you how you can receive assistance in finding market intelligence, developing your export strategy, connecting with international buyers, or support at trade events, contact your Local Trade Specialists in one of our 100 U.S. Export Assistance Centers around the U.S. Visit our Energy webpage.

Questions about the Energy Update: Contact Danielle Caltabiano.

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