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Need to identify the top countries for your products? Want to find buyers in a target country? Want to speed up your export expansion? You can now access in-depth, customized market research from the U.S. Commercial Service/ND office via Rural America's Intel Service for Exporters (RAISE). More than 50 North Dakota and NW Minnesota companies have used our market intelligence to move more quickly and effectively into global markets, and we have now developed a 9-step process to help companies find the markets and prospective buyers who could be their next business partner. We start with an exhaustive worldwide market comparison matrix based on granular criteria you define based on your products and preferences. Then you select 3 top countries, which we exhaustively research to identify buyers, competitors, market players, industry trends and live prospects; and then we work with you to develop a strategy to tackle one or several of the top markets. To view a sample matrix, click here and to view a sample report on the top 3 country analysis, click here. If you need a variant on the research methodology, no problem! We will tailor all research services to the needs of the participating companies.

How to participate?
Sign up now because research is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Fees range from $495 and up. For many companies, the STEP program may be available to offset a portion of the expense. To request a free introductory discussion, contact Heather.Ranck@trade.gov.

Local Proven Impact
Local businesses who have used in-depth research services have valued the research between $20,000 and $80,000 if they had hired private consultants to conduct similar research. Local businesses were featured for using the in-depth research in a story on NPR program PRI/The World in July 2017. Here are links to success stories where local companies used in-depth market research that contributed to real sales and results.

  1. Fargo-based Drone Company Lands Business in Brazil
  2. South Dakota-South Africa Nampo Ag Parts Connection
  3. Palmer Bit Company Drills Down and Finds Export Gold
  4. Funshine Express Targets Canada After ExporTech
  5. Titan Machinery - Can Tractors, Combines and Ag Shortliners Travel the World?
  6. WCCO Belting - Conveying Success Around the Globe
  7. Superior Mfg. Attains Global Grain Bin Market
  8. Irish Eyes Smile Upon Fargo Automation

Here are some quotes from local businesses who have used in-depth market research process from CS/North Dakota:

RAISE 9 step

"With the research, we could connect with prospective partners in advance of our travel and get down to business during our visit. What could have been a month long wild goose chase was instead a productive week-long road show. None of this would have been possible without the quality information and connections that were done by the U.S. Commercial Service in North Dakota and Brazil." - Terri Zimmerman, Botlink, Fargo, ND

"We have gained new go-to-market strategies, procedures and a mindset for global sales. Our in-depth research report led to Germany, which led to direct contact with relevant contacts. Priceless!" - Kevin Christensen, Palmer Bit Co., Williston, ND

"The research done by the U.S. Commercial Service showed us a market we were looking at was the wrong market, and showed us where we should focus our marketing efforts. I would never had known that without large expenses and a lot of wasted time. Absolutely amazing information that they pulled up." - Roger Brazier, Mattracks, Karlstad, MN


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