OFAM clarifies new PMS login process (hyperlinks added)

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OFAM clarifies new PMS login process for grant recipients and federal awarding agency staff

Sent on behalf of Chris Coppenbarger, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Federal Assistance Management (OFAM)

In response to recent incidents of fraudulent activity, the Payment Management System (PMS) changed its user login process to include a multi-factor authentication tool called ID.me.

This change, which took effect on Feb. 10, 2024, aims to strengthen the system’s identity verification of all PMS users, to include grant recipients and federal awarding agency project officers and grants management specialists.

The Program Support Center’s PMS website now includes instructions on how to create an ID.me account, how to set up multifactor authentication, and how to complete the identity validation process and the authentication process to access a PMS account.

On Feb. 9, 2024, PSC/PMS also sent an email to PMS users and grant recipients with PMS resources and contact information in the event PMS users and grant recipients have questions.

Resources on fraud prevention and detection for recipients are posted on the Grants.gov Community Blog, and a link to the information is captured on the Grants.gov homepage. HRSA’s EHB’s landing page will also be updated with this information soon, so that HRSA’s EHB users have this information from PMS.

Though a small number of HRSA grant recipients were impacted by the recent PMS breach, GMS’s and Project Officers may be contacted by HRSA grant recipients with questions about the PMS updates, or with general questions about their award and impacts due to the PMS fraud.

OFAM recommends that HRSA staff be familiar with the resources posted at the PMS website and the instructions for enrolling in ID.me.

Prepared by Office of Federal Assistance Management (OFAM).