BPHC Bulletin: Changes to Health Center COVID-19 Survey and Addendum

bphc health center program bulletin

We continue to review the Health Center COVID-19 Survey, including the addendum for Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program participants, for opportunities to streamline and improve it.

The Friday, October 8, survey will reflect these changes:

  • We’re removing the question about the number of visits for the past two weeks compared to the average number of visits.

  • We’re expanding the questions about additional doses to ask also about booster doses. This applies in the main part of the survey and the addendum.

  • We’re adding a new question to the main survey that will appear ONLY to Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program participants. It asks if ALL of the vaccines they administered in the past two weeks were received through the Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program. If they say yes, the survey will automatically skip three subsequent questions about vaccine administration to patients by race and ethnicity. Vaccine Program participants who answered yes will supply their vaccine administration information only in the addendum. This change eliminates a redundant reporting requirement for these Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program participants.

  • For Vaccine Program participants: We are removing questions from the addendum about your health center’s ability to use all of the vaccines allocated through the program.

We will update our website, including the Survey User Guide, by noon ET on Friday, October 8.