BPHC Bulletin: Additions to Health Center COVID-19 Survey and Addendum

bphc health center program bulletin

As previously mentioned, we are adding some questions—in the main survey and in the addendum—relating to additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccines.

CDC recently advised that moderately to severely immunocompromised people receive an additional (third) dose of mRNA vaccines. Please see our August 16 bulletin for information and resources.

We’re adding a question to the survey to understand how many of your patients have received an additional dose (by race and ethnicity). This is in the main part of the survey, for all health centers/look-alikes.

We’re also adding questions in the survey addendum (for Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program participants) to understand how you used vaccines allocated through the program for additional doses: How many staff received an additional dose, and how many patients (by race and ethnicity and by special population) received an additional dose.

These changes will be reflected in the survey we send out on Friday, September 10. We will update our website by noon ET that day.