BPHC Bulletin: Changes to Health Center COVID-19 Survey

bphc health center program bulletin

Given the changing nature of the pandemic, we need to add some new questions to the survey. We also determined that we can remove two questions. We are not, at this time, making any changes to the survey addendum.

  • We are removing questions 7 and 10 (about temporary site closures and adequate PPE supplies) from the current survey.

  • We are adding new questions about the delivery of monoclonal antibody therapies:

    • Does your health center provide access to monoclonal antibody therapies, either directly or through referrals to other organizations?

    • If you provide these therapies at your health center, how many doses did you deliver in the survey time period (the two weeks prior to the survey opening)?

    • If you do not provide access to these therapies, what barriers and challenges prevent you from doing so?

These changes will be reflected in the survey we send out on Friday, August 27. We will update our website by noon ET that day.

Note: We expect to make further changes to the survey relating to the administration of additional and/or booster vaccine doses. These changes will likely take place in September. We’ll provide additional information as soon as possible.