BPHC Bulletin: Complete the Readiness to Train Assessment Tool

bphc health center program bulletin

HRSA’s Health Professions Education and Training (HP-ET) Initiative will use the Readiness to Train Assessment Tool (RTAT™) developed by Community Health Center (CHC), Inc., to help health centers assess and improve their readiness to engage in health professions training programs. CHC, Inc., is a HRSA-funded National Training and Technical Assistance Partner.

The HRSA HP-ET Initiative will enhance health centers’ capabilities to recruit, develop, and retain their workforce by exposing health and allied health professions students, trainees, and residents to education and training programs conducted at health centers. Primary Care Associations (PCAs) will use the results of the RTAT™ to expand targeted workforce training and technical assistance (T/TA) capabilities by working with health centers in their respective states on focused strategic workforce plan activities intended to increase health center capacity with recruitment efforts.

The PCA in your state will contact you with your health center’s unique link to the RTAT™ within the next few days. Please keep an eye out for this message and contact your PCA with any questions.

Once you have your survey results, your PCA can help you develop a targeted strategic workforce plan that will include health professions trainings and pipeline programs that can meet the needs of your community, as well as offering T/TA to help you achieve your workforce goals.

“I strongly encourage everyone to complete the Readiness to Train Assessment Tool. It will provide valuable individual insight to your health center’s recruitment and training capabilities. The resulting Strategic Workforce Plan that you develop—including types of residency and trainee programs you want to implement—can help you expand your workforce to meet your future needs.”

--Jim Macrae
Associate Administrator
Bureau of Primary Health Care

“This initiative strengthens workforce development and training at health centers by providing health professions students and residents with training customized for the needs of the community they serve.”

--Luis Padilla
Associate Administrator
Bureau of Health Workforce
Director, National Health Service Corps

Get more information about the Readiness to Train Assessment Tool, including the recording of a recent training webinar about the tool.

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