BPHC Bulletin: California Wildfires and Tropical Storms

bphc health center program bulletin

Primary Care Associations to Gather Reports from Health Centers 

We are thinking of our colleagues who are impacted by wildfires and, potentially, tropical storms or hurricanes.

HRSA has asked Primary Care Associations (PCAs) to take the lead in gathering critical health center information and reporting impact data back to us on the operational status of delivery sites.

For health centers in areas impacted by natural disasters, we ask that you report site-level operational status to your PCA.

During an emergency, health centers and PCAs play an important role in delivering critical services and assisting with the local community and state response. PCAs serve as essential statewide coordinators of information, data, and resources in support of health centers during response and recovery efforts. By working with the PCAs, we enable them to better support state- and local-level community response activities. And, we reduce the reporting burden for affected grantees and look-alikes.

Need guidance and additional resources?

Contact your Project Officer with specific questions regarding your grant or scope of project.

Review the HRSA Health Center Program’s Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Resources. These will help health centers by addressing:

  • change in scope for temporary sites;
  • 340B Program enrollment under emergency declarations; and
  • FTCA coverage in emergency events, including volunteer health professionals.