Washington State FSA Update - ELAP / LIP

March 2019

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2019 Emergency Livestock Assistance Program (ELAP)

Livestock producers throughout the state have been affected by the recent weather conditions.  Many offices are reporting animal losses as well as additional feed being purchased.  To assist producers that have had to purchase additional feed, producers can apply for benefits under 2019 ELAP. To be eligible, you must have needed to purchase feed above what you historically purchase or produce as a direct result of an eligible adverse weather event.  These purchases have to be made on or after the eligible adverse weather event.  Additional feed purchases do not have to be made during the normal grazing period.  Therefore, weather events in February would potentially make a producer eligible for feed purchased from the weather event, up to when additional feed sources are available, such as grazing.

An eligible adverse weather event for Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) purposes may be the same dates for ELAP.  Producers must submit a Notice of Loss (NOL) for ELAP by visiting the local office, by telephone, FAX or emailThe NOL must be submitted within 30 days of the loss or additional feed has been purchased.  One NOL for additional feed purchased from the time of the disaster to when other feed sources are available is satisfactory for this program.  Producers do not need to submit a NOL every time they purchase additional feed. 

Producers will need to submit 2 years worth of receipts for feed purchases and/or production information if they historically produce enough feed to sustain their herd.  This will be used to establish their historical need.  If their herd size has changed in the past year, an adjustment will need to be made.  They will also have to provide receipts for the additional feed purchases.  These receipts need to include the date it was purchased, quantity, and cost.  The additional feed must be purchased to maintain animals located in the county where the eligible weather event occurred.

At this time FSA does not have the 2019 rates for ELAP, therefore ELAP payments will not be processed until those rates have been set and provided to the states.  There may be a delay in payments until those rates are available.  Producers have until November 1st to file an application for payment and submit all supporting documentation once they have submitted their timely NOL. 

2019 Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP)

The Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) provides benefits to eligible livestock producers for livestock deaths in excess of normal mortality and reduced sale price for injured livestock caused by eligible loss conditions, including eligible adverse weather. Many counties in Washington have experienced extreme weather conditions over the past month. If you are a livestock producer and believe you are experiencing livestock injury or deaths due to an eligible weather event, please contact your local county FSA to begin the application process.

Livestock producers must provide a Notice of Loss (NOL) for each eligible adverse weather event within 30 days of when the loss became apparent to the producer. The NOL may be submitted by visiting the local FSA office, by telephone, FAX or email. The NOL is a simple process and only takes a few minutes.

The Application for Payment can be done at a later date and requires the gathering of factual evidence.  The producer must provide verifiable and/or reliable beginning inventories, verifiable and/or reliable documentation and evidence that the eligible adverse weather event was directly responsible for the injury or death of the livestock which may include, but are not limited to:  photographs, veterinarian statements, rendering truck receipts or certificates, insurance documents, tax records, sales receipts for injured animals.   Cellphone cameras make it easy to take dated photographs for documentation.

Please contact your local FSA office for more information. At this time FSA does not have the 2019 rates for LIP, therefore LIP payments will not be processed until those rates have been set and provided to the states.

Please contact your local FSA Office.