2018 January Newsletter

January 2018

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South Dakota FSA Newsletter

South Dakota Farm Service Agency

200 Fourth St. SW
Huron, SD  57350

Phone:  605.352.1160


State Executive Director:
Paul Shubeck

State Committee:
Mark Gross- Chairman
Tiff Robertson-Member
Gwen Kitzan-Member
Bill Simonson-Member

Program Chiefs:
Jamie White-EXO
Paul Hanson-Commodity
Lynn Stoltenburg-Price Support
Owen Fagerhaug-Conservation
LaDonna Hupp-Farm Loans

To find contact information for your local office go to www.fsa.usda.gov/sd


Deadlines Approaching for FSA Livestock Disaster Assistance Programs

Livestock producers are reminded that deadlines for the Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) and the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) are quickly approaching.  

The deadline to apply for LFP benefits for 2017 grazing losses is Jan. 30, 2018. Eligible livestock producers must complete a CCC-853 and submit the required supporting documentation by the deadline. LFP provides compensation to eligible livestock producers who suffer grazing losses for covered livestock due to drought on privately owned or cash leased land or fire on federally managed land.  

Producers with eligible livestock losses must submit a LIP application for payment by March 31, 2018. LIP provides assistance to eligible producers for livestock death losses in excess of normal mortality due to adverse weather and attacks by animals reintroduced into the wild by the federal government or protected by federal law. 

For 2017, eligible LIP losses must occur on or after Jan. 1, 2017, and no later than 60 calendar days from the ending date of the applicable adverse weather event or attack. A notice of loss must be filed with FSA within 30 days of when the loss of livestock is apparent. Participants must provide the following supporting documentation to their local FSA office no later than 90 calendar days after the end of the calendar year in which the eligible loss condition occurred.  

  • Proof of death documentation
  • Copy of growers contracts
  • Proof of normal mortality documentation 

Please contact to your local FSA office to make an appointment to apply for LFP or LIP benefits.

Environmental Review Required Before Project Implementation

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires Federal agencies to consider all potential environmental impacts for federally-funded projects before the project is approved.  

For all Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs, an environmental review must be completed before actions are approved, such as site preparation or ground disturbance. These programs include, but are not limited to, the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP), Farm Storage Facility Loan (FSFL) program and farm loans. If project implementation begins before FSA has completed an environmental review, this will result in a denial of the request. There are exceptions regarding the Stafford Act and emergencies. It is important to wait until you receive written approval of your project proposal before starting any actions, including, but not limited to, vegetation clearing, site preparation or ground disturbance.  

Remember to contact your local FSA office early in your planning process to determine what level of environmental review is required for your program application so that it can be completed timely.  

Applications cannot be approved contingent upon the completion of an environmental review. FSA must have copies of all permits and plans before an application can be approved.