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Local Bar Associations

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Jacksonville Bankruptcy Bar Association Seminar BLES Fundraiser

By: Jon Barber


The Jacksonville Bankruptcy Bar Association's Annual Seminar was held on August 17, 2018 at the Marriott Sawgrass Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach.

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JBBA Seminar Photo Collage

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Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association News

By: Michael A. Nardella, Esquire

On August 9th Judge Jackson hosted a reception for new members of CFBLA, which was also attended by Judge Jennemann and Judge Briskman. We appreciate the Judges taking their time to meet with some of CFBLA’s young, new member attorneys.

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Orange County Bar Association

By: Joshua J. Tejes, Esquire

In August, we heard from Robert Lewis, Esq., of Lewis Roberts, P.A., who gave a presentation on student loans in chapter 13 bankruptcy discussing different ways to provide for student loans in chapter 13.

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Southwest Florida Bankruptcy Professional Association

By: Michael dal Lago, Esq.

The SWFBPA has been holding its regular monthly lunches, during which several of our fellow bankruptcy professionals from the Middle and Southern Districts have given us superb presentations.


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Bradley M. Saxton &

C. Andrew Roy


Winderweedle, Haines, Ward & Woodman, P.A.


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american law

We Don't Know How Good

We Have It


By: Honorable Chief Judge Michael G. Williamson

It’s easy for Americans to take for granted all we have in this country. Take something as simple as tap water. I can remember visiting Uganda in 2007 and watching children trekking to the village well to gather water for their families. But it’s more than just drinking water. We have a seemingly endless variety of food and consumer products—from apparel to shoes to kid’s toys—available at affordable prices.

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 Brand New Feature & More Updates to The Source


By: Honorable Karen S. Jennemann

This quarter you will see big changes to The Source. We added a new resource we call Chapter 7 Trustee Pages and four new procedures with sample forms. The Source landing page got a makeover too!


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thank you

Grateful for Volunteers in the Pro Se Assistance Clinic in Orlando


By: Honorable Karen S. Jennemann

In September, the Orlando Division of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida posted an Administrative Order thanking attorneys who volunteer their valuable time working in the Bankruptcy Pro Se Assistance Clinic (the "Clinic").

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Pep Talks for First-Time Filers


By: Honorable Catherine Peek McEwen

Rarely do I concede defeat. My pleas for a pro se law clerk—such as some other bankruptcy courts have—fell on deaf ears over a period of years, even after an internal survey indicated (at least to me) that a pro se law clerk would allow case managers to save time that could be devoted to case managing instead of talking to unrepresented debtors. Rather than give up, I recalled the mantra my former boss drilled into all his lawyers’ heads: "Think of a way it can be done."

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Helping the Pro-Se Debtor, 20 Minutes at a Time

By: Sarah Mannion, Esquire

As I get off the elevator on the 4th Floor of the Bryan Simpson United States Courthouse, I am greeted by the smiling faces of the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid Staff. At least one representative from JALA is present to help check-in the pro se participants and give a brief explanation of the service they will receive.

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Dear Point & Click: Answers to Technical Questions

Dear Point and Click,

QUESTION 1: When I file an Application for Waiver of Filing Fee or an Application to Pay Filing Fees in Installments on behalf of my client, do I need to submit a proposed order, and will I be required to serve the order approving?

QUESTION 2: How must we sign papers filed electronically?

QUESTION 3: I filed a paper with negative notice and the Court entered an order abating due to problems with the legend. I am unsure of what is wrong.

QUESTION 4: I submitted a proposed order on an application to employ and it was rejected for failing to include the statement "Compensation will be determined later in accordance with 11 U.S.C. § 330." Is this a requirement across the district?

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