News for the Federal Acquisition Workforce

Acquisition Today: News for the Federal Acquisition Workforce

April 7, 2021

Government-wide Acquisition Workforce Key Initiatives

FAI CSOD: Countdown to Launch!

  1. Verify the accuracy of your FAITAS profile information (e.g., email address, organization, supervisor). This information will be used to set up your FAI CSOD account.
  2. Complete all workflows in FAITAS, including certification, specialization, and warrant applications. Incomplete actions must be restarted in FAI CSOD after migration.
  3. Complete Online Training (OLT) Courses. If you begin an OLT course in FAITAS, you must complete it in FAITAS, or all progress will be lost.

After Friday, May 14th, FAITAS will no longer be available. Do not wait until the last minute. To learn more about FAI CSOD and the transition from FAITAS, continue to read Acquisition Today, follow messages from FAI and your Acquisition Career Manager, and visit the FAI CSOD FAQ Page.