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August 8, 2018

Discovery market research tool

Don't miss Discovery Market Research Tool Demo

Discovery, a GSA market research tool, was recently updated to include the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) contract, as well as new search capabilities. That means users have visibility into over 4,000 more vendors and their contract history in FPDS. With the new search features Discovery can be searched by NAICS, contract vehicle, service category or pool, and small business set aside. Learn more during this August 23 demo. Register today.

Organize project

Organize Your Acquisitions in Project Center

As we near fiscal year-end, do you have a way to organize your acquisition packages? The Project Center app in the Gateway allows you to keep your acquisitions organized against milestones, upload documents from inside and outside the Gateway, and collaborate across your team. All of this occurs in a secure setting, where only you and those who are granted viewing rights have access to this information. Go explore and see how this tool can be used to organize your market research!

category management

Enhancements to Category Hallways and Hubs

The Gateway team has made it easier for you to see the popularity and usage of content in the Category hallways and Gateway hubs. Hover over a piece of content and see the number of views by colleagues across government.

Open opportunity

Acquisition Open Opportunities Can Help!

Do you wish you had assistance with an acquisition task? Are you interested in getting the perspective of other acquisition professionals in the federal government? If so, why not consider posting an opportunity on Acquisition Open Opps. Through Open Opps, you will be able to leverage the acquisition expertise already available in the government. Check out this one minute video to learn more. If you need help getting started, contact

category management spotlight

Using Category Management to Improve Procurement

Over the last several months, the Industrial Products & Services category team has been training acquisition staff on Category Management principles, including the use of Best- in- Class (BIC) and spend-under-management (SUM) contracts to improve procurement. In both instances, delivery occurred within the required time frame and supply chain continuity was maintained. Learn more.

Free Traning

Free Acquisition Training From FAI

FAI has great training opportunities available for the Federal acquisition workforce. Please check the list to see which courses have open seats. As always, FAI's training is free of charge. There is no tuition cost to students or their agencies.