REopt Web Tool: Geothermal Heat Pump Module Now Available

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Geothermal Technologies Office


January 10, 2022

REopt Web Tool: Geothermal Heat Pump Module Now Available 

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently developed and released a new geothermal heat pump technology module as part of the REopt™ web tool. The new module allows users to simulate the impacts that converting conventional heating and cooling systems to geothermal heat pumps have on on-site consumption of fuels and electricity, utility costs, and CO2 emissions. Facility owners, technology vendors, policy makers, and others can now model multiple variables to see how they interact to help determine the best opportunities for a site. 

Check out the updated tool! 

The REopt web tool enables users to optimize system sizes and battery dispatch strategies to minimize energy costs by entering their facility data, including utility rates, billing history, and local weather. REopt can also be used to estimate how long a system can sustain critical loads during a grid outage, informing resiliency strategies. 

The geothermal heat pump module was funded by the Geothermal Technologies Office and the Federal Energy Management Program.