October 23, 2013

What's in a Name?

Quite a bit, it turns out.

The teachers at ED who write our newsletter got some firsthand experience with this reality when we learned that the name of our Teaching Matters newsletter had already been taken by an educational organization called -- wait for it -- Teaching Matters.

Teaching Matters logo

Nice logo, right?

Turns out the folks at Teaching Matters share more than our name. Like us, they love to support and learn from great teaching and leading.

Because we don't want to cause confusion for educators, the teachers at ED are changing the name of our newsletter.

Beginning tomorrow, you will notice a new name and new masthead. Of course, our newsletter will still be packed with great stuff: cool resources, inspiring teacher stories, and helpful insights, along with our usual swath of hidden ironies, wonky policy updates, and answers to burning teacher questions.

Feel free to pass The Teachers Edition along to a friend or colleague. Send us your feedback or advice if you'd like. And check out the other Teaching Matters site. It's worth the trip. 

The Teachers Edition masthead

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