Learn more about FTA's Strategic Research Transit Automation (STAR) Plan

FTA’s final Strategic Research Transit Automation (STAR) Plan is now available on the Federal Transit Administration’s website. Additional information, including a fact sheet and links to the USDOT Automated Vehicle Activities, is posted on the STAR landing page.

The STAR plan outlines an FTA research agenda for transit bus automation over five years. The plan provides a framework for the transit industry to pursue transit bus automation in a safe, efficient, and economically sound manner. Built on a foundation of stakeholder engagement, use case analysis and an extensive literature review, the plan defines activities in the areas of enabling research, integrated demonstrations, and strategic partnerships. The plan’s continued emphasis on stakeholder engagement, knowledge transfer and technical assistance ensures that complementary work being done by the public sector, the private sector and academia is effectively communicated and leveraged.

Strategic Research Transit Automation (STAR) Plan
STAR landing page
FTA's Research and Innovation Program
U.S. DOT Automated Vehicle Activities