FTA’s 2018 Comprehensive Review Guide Streamlines Program Oversight

FTA’s 2018 Comprehensive Review Guide, the culmination of a "back to basics" exercise to streamline FTA review programs, identifies the minimum compliance requirements to which grant recipients are expected to comply and determines the optimal methods for assessing compliance. 

The guide articulates what is expected of grantees and exactly how FTA determines compliance. While maintaining the overall intent of the reviews, all requirements are directly related to specific, citable, written requirements. The changes are in response to feedback from our recipients, review contractors, and colleagues.

The new guide is part of a set of changes intended to create a more transparent and efficient process that provides grantees with a clear understanding of what is expected during a Triennial or State Management Review, how FTA reviewers determine compliance, and the reasons behind a deficiency finding.

Oversight is one of the most critical functions that the FTA performs. FTA bears responsibility to prevent and identify improper payments, and ensure that every dollar spent counts toward improving public transit. Oversight also provides the FTA an opportunity to work with recipients to strengthen their programs. FTA is committed to improving consistency and transparency in its oversight reviews.

2018 Comprehensive Review Guide
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