Advancing Science: News from the NIJ Director

Director's Newsletter - LEADS

I’m thrilled to share that the 2023 LEADS scholarship recipients have been selected!

NIJ’s LEADS program awards scholarships to police officers, academics, and civilian law enforcement professionals to attend trainings and conferences designed to expand research capabilities within law enforcement agencies and promote the use of evidence-based practices in the field. 


Director's Newsletter - Conference Publications

A couple new resources from the NIJ 2023 Research Conference are out: an article on “What Works in De-Escalation Training” and a new Justice Today podcast episode on how to help incarcerated individuals succeed while in correctional environments and after their release.



Director's Newsletter - IACA Conference

The International Association of Crime Analysts 2023 Conference is right around the corner on August 28th in Grapevine, Texas, and eight panels will present NIJ-supported research.

These diverse panels feature justice research that can be translated into actionable ideas to inform improvements to policy, as well as measurement, implementation, and replication practices. Our team looks forward to seeing you at the conference!


Director's Newsletter - POP

Earlier this month in Boulder, CO, I returned to my professional roots as a policing researcher, delivering opening remarks at the International Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) Conference.

Remarkably, I had a hand in planning the inaugural POP conference some three decades ago (time flies!). I spoke about where I see the future of policing, asserting that collaborative problem solving is the single best policing approach to public safety.

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