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08/04/2017 10:20 AM EDT

An owl family at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Barn owls by USFWS.

A parliament of baby burrowing owls by USFWS.

It’s International Owl Awareness Day, and we’re celebrating these majestic birds with awesome owl photos and facts!

With fluffy feathers, large eyes and dramatic facial expressions, these birds of prey have long been fan favorites. There are 150 species of owls worldwide and 19 that call North America home, providing plenty of opportunities to spot these birds on public lands or in your backyard.

While they may look adorable, owls are fierce hunters. These well-adapted predators are silent hunters with excellent eyesight and hearing, allowing them to soar through the night sky in search of prey. Some scientists estimate that a single owl can eat 2,000 rodents a year.

Be sure to check out more owl photos – they’re a real hoot!