Sandia Solar Program News - April 2018


Tower Illuminance Model Investigates Glare and Avian-Flux Hazards at CSP Towers

Solar glare reflections and avian solar-flux hazards are an important concern for concentrating solar installations. Reflected sunlight from “standby” heliostats has been noted by pilots as potentially hazardous, and reports of birds being singed by concentrated sunlight has created concern. Sandia and Sims Industries have developed a new software application, the Tower Illuminance Model (“TIM”), to investigate glare and avian-flux hazards at concentrating solar power towers in a convenient and interactive manner.

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Solar Toolkit

Sandia Joins Senator Martin Heinrich in Launching the Solar Toolkit

Sandia’s Indian Energy program lead Sandra Begay spoke about developing long-range energy plans for two tribes featured in Senator Martin Heinrich's new Solar Toolkit—a guide to connect local communities to solar energy resources.

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Sandia’s Kenneth Armijo Featured in UNM Alumni Spring Magazine

Sandia’s Kenneth Armijo, a senior member of technical staff in Sandia’s Concentrating Solar Technologies department, shares how his interest in mechanical engineering began on his parent's chile farm.

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Kenneth Armijo
J. Johnson

Jay Johnson Shares How to Automate Inverter Testing using Controller Hardware in the Loop Technology

In an Industry Spotlight video and blog produced by Typhoon HIL, Sandia’s Jay Johnson discusses his current research and explains how a revision to IEEE 1547 will require distributed energy resources to include different advanced inverter functions.

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10th PVPMC Workshop and Systems Symposium | May 1-3

Co-sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories, CFV Solar Test Laboratory, and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), this three-day workshop in Albuquerque, NM will examine the technical challenges and opportunities related to PV systems and their grid integration.

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