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ESS Safety Working Group | February Newsletter


“Foster confidence in the safety and reliability of energy storage systems.”

In order to encourage open, transparent, and ongoing communication and collaboration among all stakeholders and their organizations in support of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Electricity (DOE OE) Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Safety Roadmap, this bi-monthly newsletter facilitates up-to-date knowledge of news, events, and activities related to ESS safety and reliability. 

If you have relevant content to include in the next issue, email your suggestions to by March 15th. 

Recent News

Symposium on Resilient Energy Storage held at Materials Research Society Meeting

Summer Ferreira (Sandia National Laboratories) and Judy Jeevarajan (UL) chaired a symposium on Materials and Design for Resilient Energy Storage at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA. The symposium spanned November 29th through December 1st with many speakers and posters on energy storage materials and safety related topics. The detailed schedule with authors and abstracts can be found on the event website.

IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee Meeting: Presentation on Codes and Standards Now Available

David Conover (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) presented on the state of energy storage safety codes and standards at the winter meeting of the IEEE energy storage and stationary battery (ESSB) committee meeting in Jacksonville, FL. This was part of a panel on battery related codes that kicked off a productive meeting of the ESSB Codes subcommittee who is engaging with other standards organizations such as NFPA and UL. The presentation slides are available for download.

Webinar: Modeling Gas Release from Lithium-Ion Batteries during Thermal Runaway

This inciteful webinar, presented by Gerard Back (Jerry), CFEI, CVFI, and Senior Fire Protection Engineer at Jensen Hughes, provided detailed results of a simulation based analysis on thermal runaway in Li-ion batteries.

Noteworthy Publications

Everyone Gets Involved: Changing Consumers’ Energy Behavior (IEEE Power & Energy)

The latest issue of IEEE power and energy magazine focuses on challenges with technology acceptance. Safety, and customer understanding of safety, are critical to adoption of any new technology including energy storage. Articles include deep dives into topical areas such as “Communication Is Key” and “A Part of the Energy In Crowd.” Engaging with stakeholders on topics such as safety can be tricky, so this technical discussion focuses on the human and behavioral factors involved in technology deployment.

Codes and Standards

Focus on Codes and Standards – January Report

A monthly Codes and Standards Report is developed and published in support of the Safety Roadmap that provides information on current and upcoming efforts being conducted by U.S. standards developing organizations and other entities that are focused on ESS safety. The model codes, standards, and other documents (guidelines, recommended practices, etc.) covered in the report are classified in relation to their scope relative to ESS from the ‘macro to the micro’ and include overarching codes and standards as well as codes and standards for installation, complete ESS, and components. Highlights from the January Report include the following:

  • Publication of UL 9540A – Test Method for Evaluating Thermal Runaway Fire Propagation in Battery ESS
  • The first draft of ASME TES-1 Safety Standard for Thermal Energy Storage Systems has been approved for public review
  • Publication of IEEE 1679.1-17 Guide for the Characterization and Evaluation of Lithium-Based Batteries in Stationary Applications. Proposed changes to the ICC IFC to revise Chapter 12 of the IFC relating to ESS were finalized by the ICC FCAC and submitted for consideration during the 2018 code development cycle.

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

ESS Safety & Reliability Forum

Energy Storage Systems Safety and Reliability Forum 2018, March 28-29 Seattle, WA

On behalf of the DOE OE Energy Storage Program, you are invited to participate in the Energy Storage Systems Safety and Reliability Forum, a workshop on the safety and reliability of stationary energy storage systems. The purpose of this workshop is to further advance the current DOE roadmap for energy storage safety and reliability that meets the needs of industry stakeholders. As a key stakeholder within the energy storage community, your input will help identify the challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions for improving energy storage systems. Register by March 21st. 

Upcoming Events