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ESS Safety Working Group | June Newsletter


“Foster confidence in the safety and reliability of energy storage systems.”

In order to encourage open, transparent, and ongoing communication and collaboration among all stakeholders and their associations and organizations, we have started a bi-monthly newsletter to keep the group up-to-date on energy storage systems (ESS) news, events, and working group activities. 

If you have relevant content to include in the next issue, email by August 15.  

Recent News

ESS Forum

ESS Safety Forum Roadmap and Presentations Available Online

Over 130 participants from industry, academia, national labs, the Department of Energy, Singapore, South Korea, and Canada, came together February 22-24 in Santa Fe, NM for Meeting the Challenge: 2017 ESS Safety Forum. Participants discussed the current state of ESS safety and mitigation strategies for improving cell to system level safety and reliability. A Safety Roadmap has been developed as a result of these findings. Presentations approved for public release are available for download.

ESS Website

New Website Available

A new ESS Safety Working Group website has been created that contains information on recent news, important dates, research & development, codes & standards, current task groups, publications, external resources, and contact information. Bookmark the url to stay up-to-date with the most recent content.

Current Task Forces

Task forces can form at any time to address any timely and relevant topic. Please see the ESS Safety Roadmap for the areas relevant to task force activities. Ad Hoc forces can be lead by anyone who volunteers themselves, and anyone may participate in any active force at any time. If you are interested in starting a task force, email with the task force name, purpose, scope, and anticipated milestones with a timeline.

Large Scale ESS Fire Protection Protocol

A new task force has been formed to address fire testing and reporting for ESS. This new task force will develop a protocol of "best practices" for conducting uniform and repeatable large scale ESS fire tests and reporting procedures for those tests. If you are interested in participating, visit the Task Force webpage.

Noteworthy Publications

The Role of the Materials Scientist in Battery Safety

Distinguished Professor Stan Whittingham of Binghamton University argues for a concerted effort around research efforts into battery safety in the most recent article of the Materials Research Society Bulletin.

Codes and Standards

Focus on Codes and Standards - May and June Reports

The Focus on Codes and Standards May 2017 Report and June 2017 Report support the Safety Roadmap by providing information on current and upcoming efforts being conducted by U.S. standards developing organizations and other entities that are focused on ESS safety. The model codes, standards, and other documents (guidelines, recommended practices, etc.) covered are classified in relation to their scope relative to ESS from the ‘macro to the micro’ and include overarching codes and standards as well as codes and standards for installation, complete ESS, and components.

Codes and Standards

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

Invitation to GRIDSTOR Online Hearing - Ends June 30

As an energy storage stakeholder, you are welcome to provide feedback on DNV GL's  updated GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice (RP) before its publication by participating in the online hearing through June 30. The purpose of this review is to increase quality, acceptance and awareness of the updated recommendations through interaction with industry stakeholders. Your benefits of participating in the online hearing include being informed about the updated RP content well before publication, being able to bring up comments and suggestions for improvement that will be considered before publication, and (if you wish) industry visibility through official acknowledgement in the document used worldwide. To participate, register online.

Upcoming Events