HSIN Advocate: Empowering Public Servants to Support COVID-19 Response

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HSIN: Homeland Security Information Network May 2020
Special Edition: The HSIN Advocate
In this Issue: Empowering Public Servants to Support COVID-19 Response
EMS Strong

Celebrating EMS Professionals During the COVID-19 Response and National EMS Week

Learn how HSIN is empowering EMS professionals across the country by providing a collaborative information sharing environment where they can communicate during critical situations, track incidents and coordinate COVID-19 responses.

HSIN Helps Law Enforcement Work at ‘Full Force’ During COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Read how law enforcement agencies are using HSIN during the COVID-19 pandemic, including use of HSIN Connect on mobile devices to share video of crime scenes so that entire investigation teams do not need to be deployed to the site.

Mission Advocates Are Invaluable During COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Read how Mission Advocates are providing around-the-clock service and support to HSIN users during the COVID-19 response, including support for federal, state and local personnel who are having their first experiences using HSIN to support emergency operations.

Emergency Operation Centers Share Real-Time COVID-19 Updates Using HSIN

Learn how state and local Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) across the country are using HSIN to set up Virtual Emergency Operation Centers to provide personnel with real-time updates in support of COVID-19 operations.

HSIN Helps Keep Military Bases Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

See how military personnel are using HSIN to maintain full mission capabilities, including being able to run global missions with no degradation, and how HSIN has helped keep tens of thousands of personnel safe—both on and off military bases—by enabling social distancing practices.

Man using HSIN Connect

For Now and for the Future: Using HSIN for COVID-19 Response and Beyond

Learn how use of HSIN to support COVID-19 operations is not only expanding across the nation, but is also leading partners to think about new ways they can apply HSIN for incident response and daily operations.

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